I set off the next morning from Herrod’s Creek. The four wheelers and hunters had gone home after the weekend and the place was quiet again. It ended up being a beautiful hike across green moss carpets to paths of brown pine needles dotted with scattered rocks of blue and green lichen. The Marinoni Scenic Area is a beautiful landscape. I camped by a giant oak tree next to a flowing creek… Read More

October fifth, 2017 was a full moon and the Jewish holiday, Sukkot, celebrating the exodus. It seemed like the perfect time to go on a thru-hike. A wonderful friend of mine, Lauren and her husband Duke, offered to drop me off at Lake Fort Smith State Park. I had to get a ride to a […]

I was staying at a friend’s house for a few days before I left for the Ozark Highlands Trail for final preparations. I had been slowly gathering supplies when I could and had double and triple checked to be sure. Most of my equipment was ancient and second hand, but still functional, and that’s all I cared about. If you are thinking about thru-hiking for the first time, get advice from multiple… Read More

The Journey Begins I was living in an art community, working on two novels, painting, creating, and enjoying life. Then my car went into the shop. The art community was over an hour away from my work as a dental technician. I had been commuting for years. I made enough to pay the bills and used the rest of my time to work on various projects. I learned early in life, from… Read More